Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Services


Today, there is an explosion of multimedia data production and consumption, through a multitude of new services in our connected world. The way users perceive the quality of these services is critical for the content providers and consumers. It is therefore necessary to relate the user-centric perspective to the service’s Perceptual Quality and QoE (Quality of Experience) to the network-level QoS (Quality of Service). This workshop is dedicated to the relationship between QoS, Perceptual Quality and QoE in general. It will bring together researchers from academia and industry, to identify and discuss technical challenges, exchange novel ideas, explore enabling technologies, and report the latest research efforts.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • QoE relation and mapping to QoS
  • QoE-driven network and service management
  • Network QoS and QoE modeling
  • QoE and QoS for emerging pervasive applications
  • QoE-aware Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Integration of QoS and QoE models
  • QoS and QoE correlation
  • Objective QoE metrics for audiovisual and various media
  • Novel subjective evaluation techniques  for assessment of QoE
  • QoE evaluation methodologies for metrics
  • QoE for Mobile Multimedia Devices
  • QoE and Visual attention
  • QoE in ubiquitous scenarios
  • QoE for 3D Multimedia, web and IPTV content
  • QoE metrics for novel applications (e.g. augmented reality, cloud-based online gaming).
  • Machine learning for QoE
  • Standardization issue

Workshop Co-Chairs

Mohammed El Hassouni, Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco
Hocine Cherifi, University of Burgundy, Dijon, France

Program Committee

  • Aladine Chetouani, University of Orleans, France
  • Paolo Bellavista, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Mirko Suznjevic, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Maria Paula Queluz, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Tiago Falk, INRS-EMT, Canada
  • Amel Benazza-Benyahia, Supcom, Tunisia
  • Rachid Jennane, University of Orleans, France
  • Mohamed-Chaker Larabi, Université de Poitiers, France
  • Dietmar Saupe, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Tatsuya Yamazaki, Niigata University, Japan
  • Fernando Boronat, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain