4th International Workshop on Colour and Multispectral Imaging


For the fourth year now, there will be a COMI (COlour and Multispectral Imaging) Workshop hosted by the International Conference on SIGNAL IMAGE TECHNOLOGY & INTERNET BASED SYSTEMS.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Colour, multispectral and 3D information on and through the internet 
  • Colour and multispectral cross-media reproduction 
  • Colour Difference Measurement 
  • Colour Spaces Analysis and Visualization 
  • Colour Appearance Models 
  • Colour for Image Retrieval and Database 
  • Colour Image Segmentation 
  • Colour Image Quality 
  • Colour and multispectral in Medical Image Processing
  • Digital Colour Applications in Art 
  • New Metrics and Human Visual System 
  • New Spectral Sensor and Applications 
  • Saliency in colour and multispectral images  
  • Sensor in Color Imaging
  • Sensor in Multispectral Imaging
  • Spectral Image Capture, Processing, and Analysis 
  • Spectral Image Quality 
  • Spectral Optimization of Light Sources and Displays 
  • Spectral and Colour Demosaicking, Algorithm
  • Spectral Image Applications 

Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Jean-Baptiste Thomas, University of Burgundy, France
  • Marius Pedersen, Gjovik University College, Norway

Program Committee

Jocelyn Chanussot, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France
Frederic Cointault, AgroSup Dijon, France
Jeremie Gerhardt, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany
Pierre Gouton, Le2i, universiti de Bourgogne, France
Jon Hardeberg, Gjxvik University College, Norway
Rafael Huertas, University of Granada, Spain
Youngshin Kwak, UNIST, Corea
Ludovic Macaire, LAGIS, France
Edoardo Provenzi, Universiti Paris Descartes, France
Yassine Ruichek, UTBM, France
Puneet Sharma, University of Tromsoe, Norway
Shoji Tominaga, Chiba University, Japan
Alain Tremeau, Laboratoire Hubert Curien, France