Digital Innovation for Emerging Economies

Digital technologies are rapidly transforming both business practices and societies and are integral to the innovation driven economies of the future. While technology is advancing rapidly, organizations and skills advance slowly. Inventing effective organizations and institutions for the digital economy is the grand challenge of our time. Governments will need to facilitate the transition of workers to new types of digital jobs. This talk will discuss key subjects such as: Digital megatrends (Mobile technology, Big data/Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Social Media), Building Digital Infrastructure, New Digital Business Model, Building Innovation Ecosystem, Jobs in the Digital Economy, Education & Entrepreneurship, and Industry/Academia/Government partnership


Kris Singh has been a senior leader in the IT industry for more than 25 years. Kris has worked for major IT companies in the Silicon Valley like IBM Research, AMD, Intel and National Semiconductor. At IBM Almaden Research Kris has been the Strategic Programs Director for IT Services Research and where he created the global IT Service Research and Innovation Institute, SRII ( SRII mission is to drive IT Innovation for major sectors of economy and build a better world. SRII members include senior leaders from industry, academia, research, government and key professional organizations at the global level. SRII organizations and initiatives are growing all around the world. Before IBM Research, he has been the Director at AMD CTO Office responsible for Product and Technology roadmap definition working closely with major customers and industry ecosystem partners. Prior to AMD CTO Office, Kris worked for Intel as a Director of the Data Center technology/ product/solution roadmap planning team. At Intel he worked with CIO’s around the world to better understand the Data Center “Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)” model and help drive down the cost of IT Services/Solutions. Before Intel, Kris has been with National Semiconductor where he managed various groups like Product/ Technology development, Global Manufacturing & Suppliers Management, and major Customer programs.

While working in the IT industry Kris has also been connected with academia. Kris has been an Industry Fellow in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley, and an adjunct professor in the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science department at Santa Clara University, CA. He is on the Advisory Board at several major universities helping drive “Innovation in Education system and building Entrepreneurship program”. Kris is also on the board/advisory member of several startup companies in Silicon Valley and he is a regular speaker at major forums/conferences around the world.