International Workshop on Web Based And Distributed Information Systems


Web based information systems present many challenges including problems of modeling, representing and using semantics of diverse information sources, distributed information management, distributed and parallel query processing, emerging social and community based application, and information and knowledge mining. Applications of web based information systems range over many domains, particularly spatial information and mobile applications. The aim of WEBDIS workshop is to provide a forum to bring together reseachers and practitioners interested in sharing ideas and results in these challenging research domains.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Web Data, Ontology and Semantics

  • XML data and schema integration
  • XML data models, query processing and data management
  • XML data privacy and security
  • Web databases and warehousing
  • Document Engineering and Integration
  • Web based tools and methodologies for representing semantic data
  • Web Semantics content creation, annotation, and extraction
  • Web Semantics brokering, integration and interoperability
  • Web Semantics search, query, and visualisation
  • Web Semantics middleware and services
  • Web Semantics provenance, trust & security
  • Ontology creation, searching, extraction, and evolution
  • Ontology matching, mapping, merging, and alignment
  • Ontology and Semantics
  • Semantic Annotation
  • Ontology based Information retrieval
  • Ontology based Database
  • Ontoloy Repository and Server

Internet Technology and Distributed Information Management

  • Information sharing
  • Clusters/data grids/p2p computing and applications
  • Knowledge and semantic grid
  • Semantics of peer data management systems
  • Mobile systems and computing
  • Distributed architectures and algorithms
  • Resources allocation and management
  • Reputation information management
  • Mobile data management and mobile database systems
  • System Integration
  • Web Services and Web Engineering
  • Distributed and Parallel Applications
  • Distributed Databases and Datawarehouses
  • Cloud Computind and Information Systems
  • Semantic Cloud

Social Networks, E-Business and E-Government

  • Knowledge Management
  • e-Business and e-Commerce
  • Communities of intereste-Government
  • Communities of practice
  • Social Networks and Organizational Culture
  • B2B, B2C and C2C
  • e-Payment
  • Web 2.0 and Social Networking Controls
  • Social and Legal Issues

Web Intelligence

  • Web data mining, exploration, and visualisation
  • Web Site Classification
  • Learning User Profiles
  • Web Information Retrieval
  • Web Search Support Systems
  • Meta-Knowledge Discovery and Representation
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • DAta Analytics and Intelligence on the Web
  • User-Centric Systems

Web Based Spatial Information Systems and Applications

  • Spatial modeling data modeling
  • Conceptual and logical models for gis
  • Ontologies for gis appalications
  • Semantics issues in gis
  • Gis service modelling
  • Spatial data query and retrieval
  • Gis and information grid
  • Spatio-temporal data modeling
  • Schema mapping and evolution
  • Geographical search engines
  • Digital geographical libraries
  • Query languages and interfaces
  • Spatial information integration
  • Spatial information visualisation
  • Spatial data mining and data warehousing
  • Location-based services
  • Peer-to-peer computing for gis
  • Interoperability and standards
  • Metadata management
  • Gis middleware architectures
  • Environmental and urban gis
  • Gis and remote sensing

Workshop Co-Chairs

Kokou Yetongnon, University of Bourgogne, France
Gayo Diallo, University of Bordeaux, France
Ahmed Lbath, University of Grenoble, France