Anatomy of a Cross Media Best Practice network for media aggregation and fruition

The new frontier of media exploitation on the internet are mainly related to the exploitation and management of cross media, taking into account: multilingual indexing, massive ingestion and automated semantic computing, metadata enrichment, conditional access, open data production, mobile distribution, media aggregation, media annotation and synchronisation,… In best practice networks these issues have to be integrated within a set of collaborative work tools and user to user recommendations, content suggestions, social network analysis, content based retrieval, workflow management, ipr management, social network integration, user behaviour analysis. The talk will be mainly focussed on presenting the most critical and innovative aspects, putting the attention on their solutions with concrete implementations, and on the architectural problems solved in the real case of ECLAP that is connected to Europeana, the European Digital Library.


Paolo Nesi is full professor at the University of Florence, working at Department of Systems and Informatics (Computer Science Department) as Director. He received the PhD from Padua University and has spent a part of his PhD Studies at IBM Almaden research center. He is member of the Scientific Committee for the Faculty of Engineering. Since 2011, he is also a member of the scientific committee of CSAVRI of the University of Florence, and referent of the APRE Toscana for the University of Florence ( ). He is member of the scientific committee Tuscany Area District on ICT and Robotics. He is Chair of the DISIT (Distributed Systems and Internet Technology,  ) Lab, of the University of Florence. DISIT LAB is mainly working on:  software engineering, signal analysis (video and audio processing), protection models, models and media for digital content distribution, distributed architecture systems, formal methods and models, computer vision, music recognition, artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, semantic computing and models, digital rights management (DRM), multimedia middleware, distribution systems, social media, etc.  P. Nesi is co-author of more than 220 research articles. He has received a number of international and nationals awards, and has chaired several international conferences (DMS of SEKE, IEEE ICECCS, IEEE ICSM, AXMEDIS, WEDELMUSIC,..), an served editorial board member of int. journals such as Journal of Real Time Imaging of Academic Press, International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering and series of books. He is the co-chair of Distributed Multimedia Systems conference DMS2013, UK. He has been the scientific coordinator of several large R&D multipartner projects research and development project of the European Commission such as ECLAP, AXMEDIS, WEDELMUSIC, MUSICNETWORK, IMAESTRO, MOODS, and project responsible for many other projects as: Trace-IT, OSIM, VARIAZIONI, IMUTUS, MobMed, TILCO, etc. He has been Chair of the AHG on MPEG ISO SMR, He is coauthor of the MPEG-SMR ISO standard into MPEG-4, and contributed to MPEG-21, M3W. P. Nesi is a member of  IEEE, ACM,  AIIA, ICPR.