International Workshop on Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval and Applications


The huge expansion growth of online multimedia and other social media appearing on mobile, wearable and other devices or network has become extremely accelerated in recent years. The Intelligent Multimedia Information Retrieval and Applications (I-MIRA) workshop is based on emerging interdisciplinary multimedia research and system development dealing with conventional and big multimedia data. In 2019 the workshop focuses on the research on cutting-edge methods, applications and services using multimedia analysis, processing and machine learning as well as their applications and services for the retrieval, classification, semantics and detection of multimedia information including 3D/VR/AR/MR even in big multimedia databases. The workshop also welcomes novel topics that can help to establish semantical and contextual relations among participants and attendees based on the information of their interest.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

Multimedia Analysis and Processing

  • Content-based analysis for big multimedia data
  • Feature extraction for big multimedia data representation
  • Mobile multimedia analysis and retrieval
  • Image and video indexing and classification
  • Semantics and emotion in multimedia systems
  • Computation Linguistics for multimedia IR
  • Joint multimodal processing and analysis
  • Machine learning for multimedia
  • Deep learning for multimedia detection and classification
  • Multimedia signal processing and analysis
  • Multimedia search and retrieval
  • Multimedia data modeling and visualization
  • Filtering, Time-Sensitive and Real-time Search
  • Personalized Search

Multimedia Applications, Systems and Services

  • Retrieval and annotation of big multimedia data
  • Object and/or context-based multimedia information retrieval
  • Multimedia networking and communication
  • Multimedia networking and distributed multimedia systems
  • Emotion and semantics in content-based retrieval systems
  • Human-computer interaction based on multimedia
  • Multi-modal multimedia computing systems and human-machine interaction
  • Cross-language and Multilingual multimedia IR
  • Multimedia activity and event understanding
  • Location-based multimedia information retrieval
  • Semantic-based multimedia retrieval and annotation
  • Mobile Multimedia Systems and Applications
  • Cloud-assisted multimedia systems
  • Entertainment, gaming and e-learning
  • 3D / AR / VR / MR, Animation
  • Social media, user-generated, and cloud-based big multimedia
  • IoT for multimedia
  • Multimedia system for traffic and public security
  • Multimedia security, rights management and forensics
  • Multimedia systems for medical, digital library and SNS
  • Multimedia systems for hardware and/or software design and development
  • Multimedia for smart homes
  • Multimedia applications using wearable technologies
  • Multimedia tools (authoring, analyzing, editing, and browsing)

Workshop Co-Chairs

Andrea KUTICS, International Christian University (ICU), Japan