International Workshop on Appearance and Imaging


Standard technologies and applications of spectral imaging have grown to an extent to which a specifically dedicated workshop may let go of this topic and leave it to be covered by the major conferences in fields like imaging, image processing, and computer vision. Long live spectral imaging, the CoMI (Colour and Multispectral Imaging) becomes the WAI (Workshop on Appearance and Imaging).
With the increasing diversity of manufactured materials, fancy packaging, and 3D prints, with the increasing capabilities for extended reality and common uses of computer graphics, defining the appearance of material has become a major research interest worldwide. There are now several efforts towards soft metrology of appearance (e.g. national initiatives – GDR APPAMAT in France, EU initiatives – ITN ApPEARS, international initiatives – IS&T Electronic Imaging, etc.)
This workshop aims to address the uses of multimodal imaging in material appearance-related tasks and studies. This could be to use imaging device as a spatial optical measurement device to relate the perception and the material physical properties, but also other aspects where appearance and imaging are used in pair, such as identifying materials in images by their appearance, etc.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Colour, Spectral imaging
  • Polarimetric imaging
  • Computational imaging and methods
  • Total appearance, colour, texture, gloss, translucency
  • Functional appearance measurements (BRDF, BTDF, BSSRDF. svBRDF, etc)
  • Terminology of appearance, definition and naming
  • Cognitive psychology related to vision and appearance
  • Appearance modelling and representation
  • Appearance in 3D image capture and reproduction
  • Analysis and synthesis of appearance attributes in images
  • Image appearance modeling

Workshop Co-Chairs

Pierre Gouton (UBFC)
Jon Hardeberg (NTNU)
Jean-Baptiste Thomas (NTNU)