International Workshop on Cultural Information Systems


Historical sites or historical traditions are important resources for people who live in the modern world. Although peoples’ interest is towards industry and business recently, cultural resources are very important as the human resources We should maintain and utilize effectively for our life, such as tourism or education. In the effective use of cultural resources, information technology is a useful tool for the accumulation and diffusion of knowledge and interest. Utilizing the information technology to cultural fields is an important issue for activation of regions or nations. In this workshop, we would like to invite presentations on the latest research concerning cultural preservation and utilization. We want to provide a good place to discuss and get a scope on the possibility of cultural information systems.

Topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • digital museum systems
  • digital archiving for cultural contents
  • heritage information systems
  • museum guide systems
  • visualization of cultural contents
  • virtual experience of ancient objects or life styles
  • learning support systems based on cultural contents
  • tourism applications of cultural information

Workshop Chair

Shigeki Yokoi, Nagoya University, Japan

Publicity and Liason Chair

Binyu Cui, Nagoya University, Japan

Program Committee

Shigeki Yokoi, Nagoya University, Japan
Binyu Cui, Nagoya University, Japan
Yoshio Nishio, Kinjo Gakuin University, Japan
Kenji Funahashi, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
Shinji Mizuno, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan
Setsuo Tsuruta, Tokyo Denki University, JAPAN
Takashi, Kawabe Tokyo Denki University, JAPAN
Hiroaki Sawano, Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan
Asako Soga, Ryukoku University, Japan
Mamoru Endo, Chukyo University, Japan