International Workshop on Evolutionary Methods for Vision Systems Application


The use of evolutionary methods to obtain a more effective and accurate vision system has recently been established as a cutting-edge professional forum for researchers, academics, practitioners, and industry professionals interested and/or engaged in the applications of vision systems. With that aim, this Workshop is being organized to provide opportunities for discussions and constructive dialogue among various stakeholders on the limitations of existing methods for vision system, innovative uses of emerging evolutionary approaches and technologies, and sharing and promotion of best practices, leading to the evolution, design and implementation of evolutionary vision system. The Workshop will focus on the various evolutionary methods used for development of vision systems in the following context but not limited to: Image processing: methods of improvement using evolutionary methods Feature selection and feature extraction: emerging technologies, innovative uses evolutionary methods Classification: various type of calssifiers utilizing evolutionary methods, or part of Bio inspired evolutionary algorithm: use in various vision systems such as robust robotics vision, pattern recogniton, machine vision.

Workshop Co-Chairs

Fumiaki Takeda, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
Rubiyah Yusof, Universiti Teknologi, Malaysia