International Workshop on Dependable and Trustworthy Web and Distributed Information Systems


Today, individual end users as well as organizations like companies and countries face the increasing scale and complexity of information systems connected by networks. This is due to a variety of causes such as the spread of the Internet and distributed computer systems, the rapid increase of personal mobile devices like laptops, smart phones and tablets in their number and variety, the emergence of the “Internet of Things” brought about by the advance of embedded systems, ad-hoc networks and LSI processing technology, and the advent of large-scale computing environment like cloud computers and high performance computing systems. Services and devices are interconnected and interdependent, and the design, the implementation and the management of such a system is almost impossible without considering the existence of other systems that are or will be connected to it.

The dependability of such interconnected and interdependent information systems is based on that of individual devices and services. And, it is crucial to know how dependability of the whole system is achieved through that of elemental systems. Also, today’s Internet and ubiquitous computing environments include autonomous information systems and services which are owned by different people and organizations for different purposes. They are connected via communication links to realize complex information services which are provided to various users and clients. Individual service providers and users have to determine whether other subjects that they interact with are trustworthy or not.

The aim of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and to share experiences on the interconnected and interdependent systems that consist of autonomous individual systems to study dependability and trust in such systems.Workshop website

Workshop Co-Chairs

  • Hirofumi Yamaki, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
  • Isao Echizen, National Institute of Informatics, Japan